Starling Faux Fur Hats (Village House Importers)

Though still manufactured by Starling Hats in Poland, the name and logo have been changed to VillageHouse due to a conflict with a trademark already in place in the U.S.  Rest assured, these hats are still of the same style and quality you've come to expect. Please note: some hats will come with a Starling tag (until this stock is depleted) and some will have the new VillageHouse tag.

Starling Faux Fur Hats are handmade in Poland by a group of remarkable and talented people with over twenty years of experience. People who are passionate about what they do, who love good design and whose heads are full of fresh ideas. Thanks to their dedication and hard work one can say that each hat is a little work of art. The fine folks at VillageHouse Importers bring these hats to the U.S. for all to enjoy.


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